Refurbished water power

Photo: Bilfinger
CWM DYLI | UK The landmark-status Cwm Dyli hydro power plant in the Welsh region of Snowdonia went into operation in 1906. It feeds around ten megawatts of electricity into the grid. The water that turns the turbine comes from the Llyn Llydaw lake, 320 meters above the plant. Bilfinger UK has now been awarded the contract by the operator Innogy to refurbish the plant’s instrumentation and control technology.

Targets for 2019 attained

Bilfinger closed out the 2019 financial year on a positive note. Revenue grew organically by 6 percent to €4.3 billion, adjusted EBITA amounted to €104 million and reported net profit came to €24 million. With a reported free cash flow of €57 million, the company reached another major milestone.

First step toward green heating

MANNHEIM | GERMANY The Mannheim-based energy provider MVV will be converting the source of its heat generation to renewables in the coming years. The first step was connecting the thermal waste incinerator to the regional district heating network. In February 2020, the turnkey district heating plant built by Bilfinger went into operation.

Seen in Melkøya:

Photo: Trond Isaksen
On the island of Hammerfest in northern Norway, Equinor operates a natural gas liquefaction plant. Even under extreme climatic conditions, Bilfinger has provided comprehensive services to the facility since 2006.

Safely packaged

Photo: Stefano Laura/BILD
DEUTSCHLAND | CONTINENTAL EUROPE Although reminiscent of a work by packaging artist Christo, this is in fact the 46-meter-tall headframe on the premises of the Fürst Leopold mine. To enclose the tower, Bilfinger arnholdt used 5,627 planks and 1,559 uprights, adding up to a total length of 5,172 meters. The tarpaulin covers an area of 3,962 square meters.

Bilfinger at Adipec

UAE | MIDDLE EAST Adipec, the International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, was staged in Abu Dhabi from November 11–14, 2019. The Bilfinger Middle East region and Bilfinger Digital Next stepped out at the international oil and gas industry get-together.

Top woman in engineering

Photo: Jane Atkinson
UK | NORTHWEST EUROPE Jane Atkinson, Executive Director of Engineering and Automation at Bilfinger UK, has been named the UK’s most influential woman in engineering. A jury comprising members of the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards recruitment agency placed Atkinson at the top of their list.

Diving right in

NETHERLANDS | CONTINENTAL EUROPE The Nieuwe Maas is a key inland shipping route in the Rotterdam economic zone. When the waterway needed to be dredged, six pipelines had to be removed first. For this project, Shell called on Bilfinger Tebodin’s engineering expertise.

Significant growth in the second quarter

Bilfinger has continued its positive performance. Despite challenging economic conditions, revenue grew by 8 percent to around €1.1 billion in the second quarter of 2019. Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and amortization improved by 47 percent to €17 million – an increase of €5 million over the prior year. “For the eighth consecutive quarter, we have achieved organic revenue growth,” said Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades, summing up the situation. Blades also announced the refinancing of a corporate bond issue maturing in December 2019: “This testifies to the investors’ confidence in our company and we don’t intend to let them down.”

Engineering services for Abu Dhabi

VAE | NAHER OSTEN Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East has received several engineering orders from the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). They include the first planning phase of a new wastewater-treatment plant. The facility is part of a refinery in Ruwais. Engineering services to modernize dust-emission control systems in two sulfur-processing plants are also part of the order package.