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A well-coordinated team can achieve more than a group of individuals. The same applies to engineering and industrial services
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he most recent Football World Cup proved it: A well-coordinated team focused on a common goal stands a better chance of succeeding in competition. Only by combining the respective strengths does a team become strong and able to access a level of performance that goes well beyond the sum of the individual skills of each player. This is exactly the approach that Bilfinger will more intensively apply to its project business in the future. Because ultimately, things are not that much different to the world of sports: Those who bundle their own strengths and place a clear focus on the customer perspective can deliver real added value.


The combination of various competences from its operating units enables Bilfinger to deliver customized and complex services – not only in relation to the defined core industries.


Customers benefit from the decades of experience Bilfinger has gathered in the respective industries. Because there are specific requirements in each target industry. A team of experts recognizes market trends and ensures that the service range is actively geared to the individual needs of the customer. The result can be an innovative solution for the flexible and needs-oriented treatment of waste material in the nuclear sector. It can also be a complete plant for gas treatment with several Bilfinger companies involved in the project execution.


A current project for a heat storage power plant in Hamburg shows the benefits of cooperation. On behalf of Siemens Gamesa, Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH and Bilfinger Rohrleitungsbau GmbH are executing delivery and assembly of the water-steam and hot air circuits and associated components. The heat storage unit, boiler and turbine will come from Siemens and will be integrated into the plant by Bilfinger.


Bilfinger Rohrleitungsbau had already built a heat storage test plant for Siemens Gamesa several years ago. When the decision was taken to build a heat storage power plant, Bilfinger was again able to impress the client. Among the deciding factors were both the positive experience from the previous project as well as Bilfinger’s comprehensive energy sector expertise.


As a leading maintenance partner, Bilfinger covers not only the CAPEX side but also the OPEX side. In this context, we create added value by reducing maintenance costs and at the same time ensure greater efficiency and availability.

Innovative concept
Two employees from Bilfinger and Siemens Gamesa




On behalf of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Bilfinger is developing and delivering plant technology for a heat storage unit: This system converts unused energy produced by wind turbines into heat and stores it in rock-fill. When needed, this heat is transferred to a steam power plant by means of an air current. The steam turbine then generates electricity that can be fed into the power grid.



Bilfinger focuses primarily on six industries. But we offer appropriate and innovative solutions for other industries as well – by applying technologies across multiple sectors, for example. On the next page we begin a new series to give you a more detailed introduction to our comprehensive service portfolio.


The world of Bilfinger at a glance: An animated info-graphic shows the diversity of our services and offerings. Find out what we can do for you!


Dr. Michael Löffelmann is Executive President of the Engineering & Technologies segment

What can Bilfinger do that other industrial services providers can’t?

Our service range covers the entire life cycle of an industrial plant that we design, develop and build. Depending on the customer’s needs, we assume overall responsibility for complex projects: From the feasibility study to commissioning. Depending on what the customer wants, we focus on individual project execution steps or trades. Afterwards, in close cooperation with our maintenance colleagues, we are also happy to look after maintenance services. With Bilfinger, you get a full-service package.

What industries does Bilfinger operate in?

Our strategy is geared toward six core industries: Chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, energy & utilities, pharmaceuticals & biopharma, metallurgy and cement. That doesn’t mean that we don’t serve other industries. We are also active in the food industry and in the automotive sector, for example. Key is that we bundle our strengths. This makes it possible for us to offer our customers new and improved services.

Where do you see growth potential?

One important key to growth is in integrated full-service packages, for example at gas treatment plants or in the modernization of process furnaces. In addition to engineering, we also cover procurement, assembly and commissioning. Because we deliver and execute many components and services ourselves within these projects, the customer gets very good quality at fair prices – and reduced interfaces during project execution. So that he can fully concentrate on what he does best: his core business.

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