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Transferring expertise successfully: SCR catalytic converters used in power plants now also benefit the cement industry
published over a month ago
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ilfinger has decades of experience in optimizing and upgrading industrial processes as well as lowering the associated costs. This rich seam of experience is the foundation of our cross-sector capabilities when it comes to boosting the efficiency and availability of plants. Now we have adapted our proven skills to the specific needs of the cement industry.


This sector is currently facing the challenges involved in complying with stricter emissions limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ammonia. So measures are called for that reduce factories’ emissions of pollutants. Bilfinger came up with a solution enabling a prestigious customer to slash NOx emissions by over 90 percent through the use of an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) reactor. This process allows nitrogen oxides already produced to be subsequently removed from the flue gas through a reduction reaction. In our work with this technology, we draw on decades of experience in flue gas denitration – a process Bilfinger has implemented in more than 50 power plants and waste incineration facilities to date.


Now we can also offer our customers in the cement industry an efficient solution that has been optimized to meet their specific needs. It will help them comply with standards while lowering implementation costs.

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